How Filemonk protects your files

Built in protection and custom controls to help you sell securely


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Your digital content is your hard work. Filemonk makes it easy to protect your files from sharing or distribution without your permission.

Built-in protection

Filemonk uses the world's best storage providers to store & send files to your customers. In addition to your files being stored with the most advanced technologies, download links used by your customers expire after a certain time period. This means it cannot be saved & shared on any platform widely.

PDF watermark

If you sell e-books in the form of PDFs, stamp them with a unique watermark to deter customers from sharing the book without your permission. Set up PDF watermarks

Download limits

On Filemonk, you can limit the number of downloads per file in an order or set a time limit on the Download button. Customers will not be able to access the file if they hit either limit. Learn more about setting download limits

Stream audio/video

If you sell audio or video content, use Filemonk's built-in streaming solution to let customers watch videos or listen to audio files on the Download page. This prevents them from downloading the file.

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