See details of a digital order

And perform actions like re-sending email, reset download count & more


Last Update 5 ay önce

To see details of a specific digital order placed by your customer, click "Orders" in the left menu bar. Select an order from the list on the left, or search for a particular order number in the search box above.

Here, you'll find details of the order - the customer's email, when the order was placed and when their download email was sent from Filemonk.

You can also click on these buttons to perform specific actions on an order - 

  1. Visit Download page - See the Order Download page as your customer sees it.
  2. Send email - Send email containing the Order Download page link
  3. Copy link - Copy Order Download page link to your clipboard
  4. Reset downloads - Reset download count limits to let your customers access their files again (applicable only if you have specified one in Settings -> Download limits)
  5. Open in admin - Open Shopify admin page for this order

If you run into any issues, please reach out to me via the Support widget or at [email protected]

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