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If you sell customized digital content - like art made to a specific customer's needs, look no further than Filemonk to help you with it. Enable customers to place their orders for your custom products, prepare their content and then deliver it through Filemonk in a few clicks. To set this up, follow the steps below - 

Create Shopify products
Follow this guide to create a Shopify product for your custom service in Shopify admin. If you have multiple custom products, create a Shopify product for each of them.

Mark the product as 'Custom' in Filemonk

After creating the product in Shopify admin, click "More Actions" towards the top right corner of your screen and hit "Manage Digital Downloads". You'll be redirected to Filemonk Dashboard's Products page.

On this page, enable the checkbox labelled "This is a custom product".

Configure your settings

Click 'Settings' in the left menu bar, and locate the "Send email" settings section. Here, you can set up your download link delivery in one of 2 ways -

1. If you'd like customers to receive the email when you fulfill the order in Shopify admin, enable the 'Email delivery' toggle and configure it to send the email only when the order fulfillment status is "Order is completely fulfilled"

2. If you're not tracking fulfillments, disable the 'Email delivery' toggle. Your customer will receive the email only when you click 'Send email' from Filemonk's Orders page.

Receive your order & prepare the content

You're now all set up to receive orders for custom products. When you've prepared the content for a specific order, open that order's details in Filemonk's Orders page.

Upload custom content to the order

Click 'Upload files' (or 'Create from link & attach' if it's uploaded elsewhere) and attach the customer's content to their order.


Depending on the configuration you selected in settings, mark the order fulfilled in Shopify or click 'Send email' on the Order page in Filemonk. Your customer will be able to access their files from the Download page in their email.

That's it! If you have any questions, run into issues or have feedback, please reach out to me on [email protected]

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