(Legacy) How does download-based pricing work?

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Before July 2023, Filemonk's pricing plans were based on the total size of files downloaded from your store. If you're on a download-based pricing plan, read on to find out more about how they work.

With the latest updates, Filemonk now gives you more for less. You get access to all paid features for just $10/month and save upto 30% in additional fees compared to download based pricing. Head to the Plans tab in Filemonk to learn more.

What do you mean by "x GB downloads per month"?

Download limits control the total size of all files customers can download from your store per month. For example - if you sell a 1GB video file and your customers place 30 orders for the file in a month, you can expect your download usage to be 30 * 1 = 30GB. You'd need the Plus plan or better to sell this file.

How do download charges work?

Each plan has a download limit, and it resets every month on the date you subscribed to the plan on. If the total size of downloads goes above the limit, you will be charged additional fees - $0.25 for every GB downloaded. If the total size is below the limit, you will not be charged any additional fees.

For example - the Plus plan allows your customers to download 75GB of content from your store per month. If your customers download 100GB in total, you will be charged (100-75) * 0.25 = $6.25 in additional charges.

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