Bulk add digital products & files

Use Filemonk's Import feature to set up your digital products in one go


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If you're migrating from another app or if you have many digital products & files to set up, Filemonk makes it easy to set up the app in bulk.

Head to Files and click 'Import'. Follow the instructions here to prepare a CSV.

Step 1: Upload files

Upload your files in Files page. Make sure to upload all the files that you want to create digital products for.

Step 2: Copy the Import template

Copy or download the Import template sheet - Filemonk Import Template

Step 3: Set up CSV

Follow the instructions in the template to prepare your CSV

Step 4: Upload CSV

Export the sheet to CSV, and upload it.

Filemonk will process the data, and you should see your products & files linked in real-time. After the import is complete, Filemonk will notify you via email.

If you run into any issues, click "Support" to chat with us live or reach out at [email protected]

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