Reset download limits for a digital order


Last Update 9 months ago

If you have download limits on your store, you may want to reset it for a specific order if a customer wants to download the files a few more times. To reset the limits for a specific order, click Orders in the left menu bar. Select any order from the table.

You can reset download limits in one of 2 ways.

Reset limits for entire order

Click More Actions > Reset download limits to reset the download limit for all files in this order.

Reset limit for specific file

Click "Reset limit" next to any file name to reset the limit for a specific file. This button will be visible only if the customer has downloaded that file at least once.

Please note that the download limits reset here only apply to the maximum number of downloads per file. If a customer is unable to download their file because they are past the time limit (number of days available to download the file), increase the limit in Settings.

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