Add "Download files" button to Customer Account / Order History

Let customers access files from their account page on your store.


Last Update منذ ٥ أشهر

Make it easy for your customers to access their files by adding a "Download files" button to the customer's Account / Order History page on your store. To set this up, click Integrations in the left menu bar and head to the "Customer Account / Orders" tab.

1: Keep the video guide ready
Open this 2 min video guide in a new tab and follow along - YouTube

2: Create table cloumn
Copy the code here to the appropriate section in your theme files to create a new column in the Order history table.

3: Set up button

Enter text for the Download button here.

4: Add button 
Copy this code to show a link for each order in the table. The code contains a dynamically generated URL that'll open the Order Download page in a new tab.

If you run into any issues, please reach out to me via the Support widget or at [email protected]

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