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When you update your files for a product - either by changing the file or by adding/removing files linked with the product, it might be beneficial to send a notification to all buyers with information about the changes and an updated download link.

To do so with Filemonk, select a particular product or variant from the "Products" page and then click "Notify all buyers"

Next, enter a subject and body in the pop-up. You can use liquid variables like {{ }} in both fields. When you're ready, click "Notify now". Filemonk will queue and send notifications to all buyers right away.

If you want to update the default template, head to Settings -> Email and scroll down to "Notify all buyers" template. Set up a template of your choice and the popup will be automatically populated with it the next time you send a notification to all buyers.

If you run into any issues, please reach out to me via the Support widget or at [email protected]

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